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//Vanity Theft in SD!

July 31st, 2010
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Dreamstreet Live : San Diego,ca 07/30/2010  CLICK


//Vanity Theft in SD – WOW , finally got to see vanity theft live. Lalaine is in
the band;however, overall wow. These Ladies are amazing live. I think its
official : jeff,jra, and i are going to head over to their vegas gig next
weekend. The only drawback on their set last night was when they were
performing their song ‘anatomy,’ there was some terrible feedback from the
speakers. that and their set was kind of short. i guess thats what happens
when the venue has 5 bands for the night and each band has to set-up and
tear down their equipment. words cannot describe how good these girls are
though. definitely pick up a copy of their music but check them out live.


and friend request these links yo


lalaine twitter –


theft twitter –


lalaine v. theft facebook –


theft facebook fan page –


theft website –


theft tour dates –


up footage from last night when i rip it to my server.



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//comicon 2010

July 27th, 2010
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last shot i took half an hr before
comicon ended. click the picture above to see pics from my cam


//Comicon 2010 – Saturday-
overslept.  wanted to wake up earlier than expected . parked for free under
the bridge by city college off b street right before park blvd. just walked it.

25min walk to convention center. just
walked right in and picked up my badge and went right onto the ballroom 20 line
not knowing what panels were going on.  service on my phone

kept on going in and out.  
the line to ballroom 20 was massive but not as massive as hall h.  sat
through chuck panel and family guy panel.  then walked the floor. for the
most part

the main exhibit room was kinda
mellow except for the main booths like capcom / wb/ dc etc.  i only walked
around once and was over it. left kinda early and moved my car by the cathedral.

got picked up and and went home to
change and freshen up. went back to downtown and ate at downtown johnny browns
by civic theatre and watched video games live at night. next year

i think ill scout and camp out by the
syfy party. apparently eric was their and he got pictures w/ everyone…


sunday – woke up early as if i
was going to work.   picked up some mcd’s to sit through the panels. i
sat through 4 panels so i pretty much need food from 7-230. sat through
smallville and saw trailer to

season 11. saw blooper reels to
supernatural panel. watched an xmas episode of american dad during the american
dad panel. and stayed till the glee mania. got a foam finger swag from the glee

met up w/ jra. walked around the
hall. i finally roll’d w/ someone so today i pretty much tried to catch up on
taking pics w/ people in costume but the main day is usually saturday cus of
masquerade. ah well.  next

yr i think ima do the 4 day
experience . if it dont sell out by the time i wanna purchase it

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//06-26-2010 Eff you of the day – Protective Mom at lovato concert6

June 26th, 2010
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//  06/26/2010 The Eff You’s of the day. 
Today’s Eff you of the day goes out to protective moms at events especially

the one on the upper right of this picture. 


Long story short – all the teens in front of me
camped out 3 hrs before the concert starts; 15 min before lovato performs ,
the mom moves her little daughter all the way to the rail and shoves the three teens on the left and right of her to
bring her daughter to the front so she could see….(that mom and kids didnt arrive until 230 and they were like 5 rows behind
me. everyone around me could vouch for that too…


i get where the mom is coming from; but jesus christ
if those teenagers were their first they have a right to not let your daughter in front or even next to them.  if i
stood at that 5 yr old height i would not even be able to see through or above the rail. so what is the damn point. now ur
just blocking the kids behind you.  come on grown woman vs. young teenagers.   …. theres a difference from
politely asking if ur kid can move up and they say yes as opposed to just
shovingyour ass all the way up to the front and blocking
them instead.


for me, i could care less when small kids or young
teens move their way in front of me, at least their parents or them askpolitely. look at the point of view from my picture. i could care less hah i get pushed back newayz all the time and i still can see. 
for you to be a bitch and just straight up move in front of
them or if u even attempted to go in front of me and block my view, yes i would step up and complain.   


i dont know if that mom paid SEM to make everyone
move so her kids could move up to the front but SEM security could of easily handled the situation a better way. i mean
come on the whole section can vouch for what she did and how she wasnt their
earlier than the rest of us  .


the SEM guard w/ the coat shame on you  –
a grown womans opinion doesnt outrank restless teens  when this lady was 
being a baby and a bitch about the situation. she even

said it her self saying quote unquote i have lost
respect for everyone around me for not letting my baby go in front of them end
quote . really? ok hypocrite(keep in mind she said this when she had an umbrella 
over her head obstructing the views of everyone behind her.



slight eff you to the security on that part but whatever they got better things to
handle than a pissy mom making all the teens and kids  around her pissed.
still not cool yo.




Review on event in general – The Good – FREE// i
like lovato live. her CDS serve no justice compared to hearing her live// 
she brought a little girl up on stage and she killed it singing camp rock// @eye was in the
hizzzouse and .// free water //free icecream//  finally a free
public event where i dont flagged for taking stills w/ a digi cam w/ lens.


The Bad –  the overprotective mom.  







The Ugly –

yes and you still fail!!!!! this is a microsoft
concert. go back to the apple store w / your iphone and ed hardy shirt.

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chrissafy! vote for chrissa on glee!

April 14th, 2010
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so heres the thing, my homegirl just
auditioned for glee, check out her audition and then give her a gold star. its amazing.

 login into myspace and then click
chrissas  pic above. give her a gold star.


if you don’t you’re like edward from
twilight.   yea….. a vampire…   a sucker….




MSG from chrissa.









What’s your job?
1) Tell friends and family to vote!
2) Advertise this everywhere and spread the word!
3) Sing a song about it!
4) Result to drastic measures to get people to vote (…seriously)
5) Most of all…YOU need to vote & support!

This would mean a LOT to me!!! Let’s get ready to SPARKLE!

Thanks guys!
Chrissa Villanueva

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vanity theft

April 9th, 2010
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happy friday yo.

if you guys dont know, lalaine slaps the bass and is now w/ vanity theft…..

become a fan on fb at


or follow lalaine and gang on twitter at


vanity theft

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couple pics from public zoo @ japanla

March 29th, 2010
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welps… gots a #caseofthemondays after an action
packed / not so action packed weekend that consisted of thai time w/ the fam bam
for sister1’s bday, a turnaround trip to la for the publiczoo party @japan la.,
and a whole lot of nothing for a  lazy sunday. now just updating site w/
couple pics from the party.   killing time till #24 comes on fox. 


click on the above picture to view slideshow w/ a
couple pics from the party. a couple random ones below as well…

raja fries from the fry smith truck

w/ stephiee and chrissa. the online homies.

3rd times a charm.  finally got my maxim
signed by stephiee.

1st attempt fail – she left her phone in the
lockers at pirates premiere.

2nd attempt fail – bounced early from comicon
last year.

wheres my poster? since you dont have a copy of

im willing to trade for a copy of the poster
since there looks

to be a lot of posters in existence hah.

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katharine mcphee at chargers tailgate

January 18th, 2010
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=( another season over for my chargers.  on a side note, met katharine
mcphee at the chargers tailgate and saw her perform a mini 6 song concert.


charger <3

canopy city


yummy hot links and rice tailgate deliciousness.

sporting out the 96, her old high school classmate
who now plays for the chargers

digging her bomber jacket and new look.

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happy halloween

November 1st, 2009
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cowabunga doO....turtle power



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September 17th, 2009
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glee <3. great new show on fox. finally something different out on tv than reality shows

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May 2nd, 2009
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happy bday monet

video flashback, monet soundcheck last year at her 18th bday party

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